T a s k s

The GUARDIAN is on call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year available for emergencies- and incident suppression. If circumstances dictate, the GUARDIAN drops anchor close to platform Halfweg, approximately 12 miles off the Den Helder coastline. This normally occurs when wind strengts for the Humber area are forecast to be in excess of five beaufort. In case where the forecast is under five beaufort the ship lies moored in Den Helder but must be ready to sail at fifteen minutes notice.  

The GUARDIAN is called into action normally when there is an emergency or if the weather (wind) dictates, and in all circumstances it is at the request of the coastguard. Depending on the nature of the situation, the ship will sail directly to the scene of the emergency or strategically locate a position between platforms. This position is stipulated by the wind direction and the current, so that in case of a emergency as many locations as possible can be reached by ensuring that both wind and waves are utilised to enhance sailing performance.

Apart from such circumstances as mentioned above the GUARDIAN also tends to other tasks. Accordingly the ship seldom lies idle at her berth, either during the summer months or quit season. These other tasks include the following.


  • essel traffic services
  • ea movement research
  • ssistance and escue (Search And Rescue)
  • aintaning of the fishery legislation
  • pecial actions and xercises
  • epresentative of the Coastguard
  • il suppression

2004, W.G. van der Veen