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Current position of the vessel.

In case the vessel is not visible there is a change that she is out of range or left her sailing area. You are
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  Length:  65,72 meter     IMO number: 


  Lengte p.p:  60,50 meter     Gross tonnage: 2721 GT  
  Breadth:  15,50 meter     Netto tonnage: 325 NT  
  Depth: 7,80 meter     Deadweight: 1450 ton  
  Summer draft:  6,00 meter     Bollard pull  134,0 ton  

Main part

The vessel designed and build by Selah Shipyard, Tuzla with building number H65. Construction started 2-6-2011 and was delivered December 2012 to her new owners. The vessel is designed and build as supply vessel and is therefore equipped with a large variety of tanks for different kind of bulk cargoes. The GUARDIAN can take up to 360m Heavy Fuel Oil en 630m Marine Gas Oil and 290m of fresh water for own use and delivery to third parties. On the aftdeck of 340m she can take up to 750mt. She is equipped with 25 cabins, 17 x 1, 6 x 2 en 2 x 4 person cabins and enough space to accommodate survivors of incidents. Two containers with salvage material are stored at the aftdeck. These containers are equipped with portable pumps, generators and compressors, patch material, hoses and welding and cutting equipment. A crane with a lifting capacity of 6.0mt at 15 meter reach is located just aft of the accommodation. On the aftdeck two capstans of 10mt pull force. two tuggerwinches of 12mt, Shark Jaw stoppers and towingpins can be found. For fire fighting the GUARDIAN is equipped with two joystick-controled fifi monitors of 1200m at 10 bar and a throwing length of 120mtr.







         photo: Selah shipyard, IEVOLI AMARANTH



The bridge of the GUARDIAN is outfitted according the latest requirements and techniques. At the forward side of the bridge all equipment is located for safe navigation during transit voyages. At the center of the bridge the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) console for the communication and chart table are located . At the aft of the bridge all equipment is installed for easy maneuvering of the vessel by hand, joystick or dynamic positioning. The winches can be operated from here as well. due to the different positions on the bridge an 360 view can be realized. From the bridge also the two joystick operated fifi monitors can be controlled.

photo: Panoramic view on the forward bridge.

photo: Front bridge.

photo: Aft bridge.

photo: Workstation centre bridge


Engine room

The engine room of the GUARDIAN  is equipped with all machinery that is required for a tug. The main propulsion is provided by two 8-cilinder MAK 8M32C diesel engines with a total output of 8000 kW or 10.880 Bhp, each engine drives a controlable pitch propellor in kort-nozzle. Both propellers have 4 blades and a diameter of 3,40m. With this configuration a bollard pull of 134 Mton is achieved. The power supply is provided by two generator sets of each 400kW and two shaft generators of each 1400kW. The GUARDIAN is equipped with two electrical driven bowthrusters and one electrical driven sternthruster, all three engine have an output of 600kW. Both main engines also supply the power for both fifi pumps, on at each front end of the engine a pump is located with a capacity of 1742m/hr at 11.8bar.

photo: Overview of the engine room on tween deck level, left and right both main engines and in the middle the hydraulic unit for the winches.

photo: Overview of the engine room, left and right both main engines.

photo: Engine control room.

photo: Portside FiFi pump.

photo: Starboard auxiliary engine.

photo: Bowthruster room with both thrusters.


Winches and Aftdeck

he GUARDIAN is equipped with a MacGregor hydraulic driven, waterfall type winch with a anchor handling winch and a towing winch. The aft/high drum is used for towing and is equipped with an 1500 meter long steel wire  of 70mm diameter. She got a static pull of 115mt. The forward drum is used as anchorhandling winch and is equipped with a steel wire of 1500 meter length and a diameter of 70mm. The winch is also equipped with two chain wheels to work with anchorchain's. Further more the GUARDIAN is  equipped with a knuckle boom crane with a capacity of 6.0 ton at 15 meter reach and on the aftdeck two tugger winches of 12 ton each and two capstans with a pull force of 10ton. On the aft of the ship Shark Jaw stoppers of 400ton and towingpins of 380tons are available. On the stern of the vessel, a sternroller of 2,50 x 5,70 meter is located with a safe working load of 320ton. Anchors and other object can be pulled on deck very easily via this roller. 

photo: Winches and bridge.

photo: Lifted towing pins.

photo: Portside tugger winch.

photo: MacGregor Work-(fore) and towing winch (aft).
photo: View from bridge to aft deck.

photo: Knuckle boom crane.

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