R e p o r t s

SL-27 Johannes - 22nd June 2005

Wind: South 2
Waves: <0,5 meter

The "ALPHONSE LETZER" replacing the "WAKER" was alerted to proceed to the fishing vessel "SL-27 JOHANNES" (PEZN) which was on fire in position 53-07'0N 004-15'0E on the 22nd of June around 15:15hr. At 15:25hr the "ALPHONSE LETZER" was unmoored and underway to the fishing vessel. In the meantime several other vessels were underway to the " SL-27 JOHANNES". The crew was already brought into safety by the small fishing boat "HET SOP" which transferred to crew in a later stage to the "Hr.Ms VAN NES". The "Hr.Ms VAN NES" acts as On-Scene Coordinator and in the meantime the lifeboats "GRAAF VAN BYLANDT", "BEURSPLEIN 5" and "JOHANNES FREDERIK" arrived on scene. The buoy tender "TERSCHELLING" already started with fighting the fire. From the air the area was overlooked by the coastguard airplane. Later on the "VISAREND" and several vessels of company Noordgat arrived on location. 

As direct danger for the crew of "SL-27 JOHANNES" is gone, two lifeboats and several other fishing vessels which arrived on scene were dismissed. When the fire returned under control the master of the "SL-27 JOHANNES" returned with a navy helicopter to the "SL-27 JOHANNES" and was lowered onto deck on 17:30hr followed by the people of company Noordgat. At 17:40hr "ALPHONSE LETZER" arrives on location but won't have to come in actions as direct danger for shipping and platforms does not exist. Later the "ARCA" of Rijkswaterstaat arrives on location. In cooperation with the salvors the decision was taken to stop with fighting the fire as it was not know how much water was inside the vessel and if the stability was still within limits. After signing the salvage contract by Noordgat, the "TERSCHELLING" started with removal of the fishing tackle which was  still filled with fish. The "TERSCHELLING" is equipped with a large crane and was able to take the fishing gear on deck. At 19:35hr the tug "NOORDGAT" arrives on location and connected up to the "SL-27 JOHANNES". After consultation of the Dutch Coastguard the decision was taken to tow the "SL-27 JOHANNES" to Stellendam under escort of the "TERSCHELLING". All other units returned to their normal routine and the "ALPHONSE LETZER" returned to Den Helder where she moored at 23:10hr. 


: Buoy tender "TERSCHELLING"
busy with fire fighting.



to: The "VISAREND" together with 
 "Hr.Ms. VAN NES".


: The "ARCA" on location.

: The fire almost died out,
the life raft still hanging on the bow.

hoto: The accommodation is lost.

2004, W.G. van der Veen.